Thomaseth is a Nuremberg-based fashion and design company dedicated to developing an innovative and contemporary approach to fashion and employee clothing and design.


Our declared goals is to achieve the highest possible quality, excellent detailing and the development of an integrated strategy for sustainable employer branding that takes into account the individual needs of the customer. Adequate integrations of the culture and history of the respective location into an honest ready-to-wear and wash fashion collection that values our environment has priority in all collections.

All styling solutions are developed through sustainability, textile innovation, craftsmanship, natural materials, functionality, reorder ability and rationalization. 

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Sina Thomaseth has been the founder and designer of Thomaseth since 2014.       Sina believes that you only feel comfortable when the architecture and clothing go together. We help to design places for individuality and life in the here and now. We strive to encapsulate time, people and place. The collection is carefully designed with soul for open-minded people who recognize and appreciate the beautiful things in life. Be connected in the here and now. Moments when you forget the time. These are the moments that are fondly remembered. These moments are rare, so a lot has to be right. Thomaseth Team Fashion is fashion-relevant because the collection is more than just a scarf or an apron in the logo color. Thomaseth Team Fashion creates charisma for your personal story, which also leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Our collection is as individual as you are. Like man. We are concerned with a holistic concept in all areas of your company and authenticity that you can feel and see.



Manuela Joas comes from Innichen, South Tyrol. She supports you in finding your individual styling solution. We do not deliver made-to-measure items. We deliver the customary clothing sizes. The collection is made-to-order. That means we produce in manufacturing quality with respect for the environment and deliver according to customer orders. This is sustainable compared to fast fashion. Small changes, such as lengthening or shortening the length, and the choice of color in the respective model can be taken into account, still possible next year.